Tom Baker, President

We’re a conservation company that happens to make marine products for boat docks and lifts.

A portion of our proceeds go to the National Park Foundation as well as a number of fresh water lake conservation associations across the country.

PIER GEAR came about several years ago while a group of friends were relaxing on the dock after a wonderful day on the lake. The inspiration came from a simple realization:

All of our adjacent docks looked just the same.

There had to be a simple way to customize one’s dock and make it cooler and more recognizable from a distance away on the water.

Within a few days, PIER GEAR was born. Many months of research into fabrics and fabrication led to many more months of trial and error in finding the right dispensers of various pieces of the puzzle. Today, we continue to work on perfecting our products and we are constantly finding interesting variations and opportunities as we work to become THE CHOICE helping you have the COOLEST DOCK ON THE BLOCK.

PIER GEAR is committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to the conservation of fresh water lakes and associated habitat. We encourage you to find your local conservation association and get involved, donate and/or volunteer.

We’re continuing to develop new versions of our products and dock related accessories. We welcome your input and your feedback. Please tell us what you think on our CONTACT page. Thank you and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your PIER GEAR products.