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Customize and Protect your waterfront.

Have the Coolest Dock on the Block

Get ready to fall in love with PIER GEAR. You will soon become the COOLEST DOCK ON THE BLOCK.

PIER GEAR are made in the USA with the finest marine canvas on the planet.

PIER GEAR are water resistant, mold resistant, and UV resistant, and even abrasion resistant so they’ll last for many seasons.

Proper care will ensure that they last even longer.

Beautify your waterfront with your favorite colors or celebrate Game Day by combining your team’s colors.

PIER GEAR products will help you beautify your waterfront and help you customize your dock.

They can help make your dock more visible and recognizable for your guests.

They can also help reduce dings, dents, and scratches to your watercraft.

Our online store will be open soon so you can get a head start on the 2021 season.

Send us a note and we’ll reach out to you when we’re up and running.

But please, women and children first. Thank you.

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